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Careful consideration is applied to every single project we undertake.

Please note most listed thatched properties must be thatched with the same material that was previously used.
Appropriate planning permission from Local Authorities may be required for any change in roof materials.

What we can assure you of:

  • We use only the best materials and the best people for the job.
  • Guaranteed professionalism and thorough knowledge of the industry.
  • Locally sourced materials are used with methods that blend in with the age and structure of the building.

Materials Used:

Combed Wheat

  1. Rounded look with a tight finish to coatwork
  2. Normally completely wired



  1. Shaggy, rounded look with mixed ears & butts
  2. Generally has a flush ridge
  3. Cross sparring around eaves & windows
  4. Completely wired


Norfolk Reed/ Water Reed

  1. Flat & straight look to roof
  2. Generally thatched straight onto rafters/batons
  3. Tight finish to coatwork


Block Ridge

  1. Ridge made of combed straw with a wrapover saddle


Flush Ridge

  1. Ridge made of combed straw or long straw with a wrap over saddle